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Whether you have never tried yoga before or have practiced for years, you are welcome at my Yoga Flow class. It is designed to benefit all levels and I will offer options and adjustments to suit all. Below are examples of different themes of classes which vary on a weekly basis.
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Do you spend hours sat down throughout the day, or sat at a desk? Do you experience tension in the back or neck as a result? Or perhaps simply want to work on your overall strength?

Join our back bends series for improved posture and strength. Open to both members and non-members of ONE DZ gym in Derby. Message to sign up or download a free pass for a try out.
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Twists: Spinal Mobility and Release

Do you suffer back pain or stiffness? Is mobility in the spine something you struggle with or would like to improve? This week we will focus on spinal rotation and abdominal strengthening in a variation of lying, seated, standing, and balance postures.

Open to both members and non-members of our yoga studio in Darley Abbey.
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Fundamentals: Breath with Movement

If you have been wanting to try yoga for a while or had a break from it and want to reignite your practice, this is the week to start!

We are focusing on breath with movement, fundamental to a yoga flow class, designed to enable various goals you may have within day-to-day life or other movement practices. Perfect for yoga beginners in Derby.
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